Protocols for analyzing video

Protocols for analyzing video

(Refer to instructions written in “In the Shadows – Video Analysis in Bigfoot Research”))

1. The Board will require the person submitting the video to provide:

....A. All the raw footage before, during, and after event.

....B. A recreation video, with a person acting like the original subject, to show size and speed.

2. When the Board begins an independent analysis of the suspected video, the Board will use software applications for adjusting brightness or contrast, to zoom in, slow or fast the video, and to deshake the video.

....A. Some of the preferred software includes Freemake Video Downloader, Kinovea, Virtualdub with the Guthspot deshaker plugin, and Freemake Video Converter


3. Based on the analysis, the Board will formulate a response and an opinion that will be cited in the final report.