__________________________________________, the owner (“OWNER”) of or duly named agent of the OWNER of personal property to be examined by the MABRC Evidence Review Board (“BOARD”), do hereby agree to and state the following:

Whereas, the OWNER, has agreed to or has a desire to have the personal property, artifacts, audio recording(s), photograph(s), video recording(s) footprint cast(s), handprint(s), fingerprint(s), hair sample(s), blood sample(s), tissue sample(s), scat sample(s), saliva sample(s), or other physical items (“PROPERTY”) to be examined by the BOARD, that are owned or in the OWNER’S custody and the BOARD agreed to examine said PROPERTY. Now, therefore, the parties hereto agree to and acknowledge the following:

1. The OWNER acknowledges that the OWNER is responsible for properly wrapping, boxing, and shipping the PROPERTY to the BOARD.

2. That the BOARD, while taking reasonable care to protect the PROPERTY does not have a responsibility for such.

3. That the BOARD’s insurance policies do not cover the PROPERTY for loss from theft or damage (willful or otherwise).

4. That, it is possible that a loss to the PROPERTY could occur due to theft, damage (willful or otherwise), fire, water damage, or many other man-made or natural causes and occurrences, and that should any such loss occur, the OWNER will hold the BOARD harmless for the loss and will not consider the BOARD responsible for said loss nor will the OWNER seek to recover damages from the BOARD for said loss.

5. That, the OWNER will provide instructions for the disposition of the PROPERTY after the BOARD completes the examination and that the OWNER will be responsible for paying shipping fees according to the instructions.

6. That, the OWNER is aware that the BOARD is served by volunteers who are not paid for their services and that the examination of the PROPERTY may take a considerable amount of time to complete.

7. That, this agreement extends to claims the OWNER may make after the PROPERTY is disposed according to the OWNER’s instructions.

In witness whereof, the OWNER and the BOARD have each caused this Agreement to be executed by duly authorized representatives and they have hereunto set their hand, each under seal as of the date and year first written below.


Name: ________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________________

By: __________________________________ Date: _______________

(Owner Signature)

By: __________________________________ Date: _______________


(Board Signature)